IN APRIL of 2004, artist Paula Saponaro moved from the historical 1870 Warehouse Barn in Sutro Township, Nevada. Although she is now in "new" surroundings, her preference for working and living in unconventional surroundings has not been abandoned. She now inhabits an 1858 salt & pepper "shotgun" flat with a 600 square foot studio.

LOCATED in Silver City, just south of the equally historic towns of Gold Hill and Virginia City, Ms. Saponaro's studio/residence enjoys a treetop-level view of the Virginia and Flowery Mountain Ranges and the (literal and metaphorical) local color of the town. The clapboard constructed building was once used as a boarding house for local merchants and miners, likely as a bordello, and more recently as an archeological office and photographer's studio.

THE ARTIST'S impressive body of work continues to grow in this new well-lighted and inspirational studio. "I will continue to work on the Great Basin Landscapes and the Some Women series, but I have many new ideas." The expanded imagery includes interpretive wild horses and "haunting, sculptural" cottonwoods, and a series reflective of her 2002 trip to Cuba. Numerous originals and limited editions of Ms. Saponaro's work have recently been installed in what she describes as an "architecturally dynamic" clinic in Dayton, Nevada, and a showcase home in the Lake Tahoe area. She also continues to produce commissioned works for her wide-ranged clientele and collectors.

ART ENTHUSIASTS will find Ms. Saponaro's signature works expressing a range of colorful and sophisticated interpretive images of mixed media paintings, etchings, monoprints, and limited edition gicleés. Art collectors can visit the artist's studio by appointment to view work on display and in progress to commission or purchase works of art.